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Akame ga Kill! seems… interesting.

It’s a lot less serious than I thought it’d be. Which is odd since the story is VERY VERY dark.

I hope the rest of the show doesn’t move as fast as the first two episodes did. I feel like there could be five more episodes with how much was squished into the first two…

Although I enjoyed it enough to keep it on tab.


Subtitled trailer for the new Fatal Frame ⊟

Cheers to PepsimanGB for subtitling the trailer Tecmo Koei put out last week for Fatal Frame: The Raven-Haired Shrine Maiden. I was one of the people who asked for subtitles when he offered to put this video together, so it would’ve been a jerk move if I didn’t share this after he went through all that trouble.

Again, this releases for the Wii U in Japan on September 27.

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Already reblogged the initial reveal trailer (without subtitles) but I just want a localization announcement so bad.

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